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LOMA - Library of Molecular Associations

LOMA is a freely and easily accessible database, currently containing 1302 molecular associations to AIH, CCC, HCC, liver fibrosis, NASH, PBC and PSC. In order to establish this database, the complete PubMed database, has initially been searched by means of MeSH terms and text mining algorithms. After filtering PubMed, the remaining publications were individually and manually validated for molecular associations. Finally, validated information were stored in the publicly available database LOMA. For further information refere to our publication: “Library of molecular associations: curating the complex molecular basis of liver diseases,” BMC Genomics 11, no. 1 (March 20, 2010): 189.

January 28, 2010: LOGA becomes LOMA revision 1 (current)

Reconsider our data in our database we decided to rename Library of Genetic Associations into Library of Molecular Associations - LOMA

Furthermore we are implementing a more sophisticated algorithm to assign molecular associations to more species and therefore we temporarily exclude our mouse and rat data.

December, 4, 2009: LOGA revision 5

LOGA is upgraded and genetic associations have been reassigned.

The LOGA database is upgraded with 60 genetic associations to primary biliary cirrhosis (PBC). Furthermore LOGA was updated.

December, 1, 2008: LOGA revision 4

LOGA is upgraded and genetic associations has been reassigned.

The LOGA database is upgraded with 255 casino online aus genetic associations to liver fibrosis. Additionally rat and mouse genetic associations for HCC and CCC were added to LOGA.

March, 14, 2008: LOGA revision 3

LOGA is upgraded.

In total 343 new genetic associations were implemented into the database LOGA. Particularly 239 for HCC, 81 for CCC, 30 for NASH and 1 for AIH. Those entries differ in that way from LOGA revision 2 that their association to the corresponding disease is not as valid as the old ones. However the associations can be found in literature. To differentiate between those entries the option validation mode, 'low' and 'high', is added to our database.

January, 23, 2008: LOGA revision 2

LOGA is updated.

141 genetic associations on CCC were captured and integrated into LOGA. In total the LOGA comprises 940 entries.

December, 18, 2007: LOGA revision 1

LOGA goes online.

799 genetic associations are listed in the LOGA database which refer to 28 entries to AIH, 643 entries to HCC, 82 entries to NASH and 26 entries to PSC.